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Anti-aging, eternal youth, steady health - that is what all people want. The list of products that promise this is long. The number of those who fulfill their promise, however, low. Time and again, tests show that it is not necessarily the high-priced products that prove themselves, but those that rely on the power of nature. Like the products of MEDICURA AG from Burglauer. They use nature as the largest pharmacy in the world and inspire more and more demanding customers.

The health awareness of consumers is rising steadily. Just as people want to know where the meat and vegetables they consume come from, they also want transparency in food supplements, beverages and other foods. MEDICURA AG has adjusted to these demands. Founded in 1998 by Oswald Gessner, the company first understood itself as a trading house, which according to its own recipe produced natural products and dietary supplements from outside companies. The concept changed with the promising new products MEDICURA offers today. "The fact that we produce today ourselves means that the entire manufacturing process is our responsibility," explains Oswald Gessner, CEO of the family-owned company. That's why we invested early in an automatic bottling line that can rinse, fill and label. Further investment went into an automatic vial filling machine, a modern labeling machine with printer, an automatic feeding capsule filling and counting machine, perculators for extracting natural herbs and high-performance presses, and a three-stage homogenizer, which homogeneously combines powdery, pasty and liquid ingredients can. A suitable company headquarters was searched for and found years ago in Burglauer.

For the most part, the former garment factory was completely gutted by family members and employees of MEDICURA AG, the roof truss was renewed by a specialist company and the building partially rebuilt. The grounds have been rebuilt and the interior of the building completely rebuilt according to modern and hygienic manufacturing standards.

At the Burglauer site, we have approximately 2,000 square meters of production, storage, administrative and sales space.


At MEDICURA Naturprodukte AG in Burglauer, a high-quality BIO series is produced, such as BIO Aloe Vera, BIO Noni, BIO Pomegranate and BIO Cranberry. The raw materials for this are imported directly from Central America, the Cook Islands (South Sea), the Middle East and North America (Canada). MEDICURA AG is a BIO certified company and is subject to organic and food control. MEDICURA has its own EU approval as well as the required BLE approvals (Federal Institute for Agriculture and Food in Bonn) for processing, marketing and import from third countries. According to Oswald Gessner, we have launched innovative products based on the power of nature.

Innovative MEDICURA also provides itself with nutrient concentrates and drinks that guarantee optimal nutrient supply. In the ready-to-drink and capsule segment, MEDICURA offers a wide range of products to meet all requirements. Even one of the largest non-medical practitioner associations has awarded several products of MEDICURA Naturprodukte AG as Products of the Year in the past. The board of the FVDH (Freier Verband deutscher Heilpraktiker) wrote literally to Mr. Oswald Gessner: Congratulations, dear Mr. Gessner, on this award. You have made a great contribution to naturopathy and I am sure that after this announcement of the "Product of the Year" especially after publication in our association of German medical practitioners and naturopaths, the waves for your company not only in Germany but also internationally beat faster become. Explicitly, I would like to tell you that you can use this award for advertising purposes. Thanks again - Congratulations!

Nevertheless, MEDICURA offers its products and services at reasonable prices. Both - quality and favorable price - is possible through the competence of well-trained and highly motivated employees, the innovative use of modern manufacturing processes using the latest and well-tried raw materials as well as state-of-the-art computer and printing technology and powerful software. The constant increase in experience and know - how allows MEDICURA to offer complex, vendor - neutral and modern solutions to meet the needs of its customers. MEDICURA cooperates with well-known companies in the field of analytics and food technology to always work on the pulse of development technology. Of course, according to Oswald Gessner, is the collaboration with nutritionists, publicly sworn experts and renowned professors of universities. The strengths of MEDICURA are: A motivated dynamic team, large modern production facility, fast customer service and service, high turn over frequency and thus guarantee of always fresh goods. Active for MEDICURA - Laboratories - Safety-conscious competent suppliers of raw materials. This cooperation gives rise to solid, innovative products that we develop as a standard range or specifically for our customers.

Due to the steady growth and high demand for our high-quality products, another commercial property in the neighboring village of Niederlauer with just under 5,000 square meters of usable space was purchased in 2017.

Trade fairs such as BIOfach - Nürnberg, Anuga in Cologne and Expopharm in Munich use MEDICURA as a platform to present their own products and make contacts - even abroad.

The raw materials for the bio-juices are imported from Central America, the Cook Islands (South Sea), Ceylon, Thailand, Tibet, the Middle East and Canada. From Germany, the aronia, sea buckthorn, elderberry and blueberry are used for organic juices.

It is exported to almost all European countries, as well as to Switzerland, America, China, Malaysia, Nepal, Russia, Taiwan and Turkey. In Germany, the products go to pharmacies, wholesalers and supermarket chains. With a TV station, a new sales channel is also found, says Oswald Gessner.


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